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Vegetarian/Vegan Menu


Goi Cuon Veg


A Vietnamese delicacy,  rice paper roll is filled with  fresh coriander, mint leaf, cucumber, lettuce, vermicelli , thin sliced carrots and chives, served with a decadent hoisin-peanut dipping sauce. 

 Vegetarian Cha Gio


Crispy spring rolls, filled with fresh cabbage, fresh carrots and Vietnamese mushrooms. Served with a sweet and spicy chilli sauce.

Vegetarian Goi 


Fresh salad with  crunchy cabbage, spring onions and fresh mint & corriander leaves. Topped with crispy onions and peanuts. Tossed in a lemon dressing and also served with soya sauce.  (Contains peanuts) 


Vegetable Banh Xeo


Savoury pancake filled with bean sprouts, fresh carrots, onions and mushroom. Served with soy sauce and also some extra garnish on the side.

Main Courses

Pho Veg 


Vegan broth noodle soup served with fresh Carrots, mushrooms, onions, tofu, broccoli, mangetout, mints & coriander.

Bun Vegetarian 


Rice Vermichelli served with crispy veggie spring rolls and  garnished with fresh carrots, lettuce, cucumber, onions, mint & corriander. Also topped with crispy onion and peanuts with a side of soya sauce.

Rich yellow curry, coconut cream,  tofu, sweet carrots, onions, potatoes,  curry leaves and spices.  Each bowl of wholesome goodness is served with boiled rice or rice noodles

Vegetarian Curry


Stir Fried Mix Vegetables


Stir fried with soya and basil sauce served with tofu, green & red pepper, carrots, onions, green bean, mushroom & broccoli.  Also come with boiled rice 


Satay Veg

Spicy peanut sauce satay stir fry with a mixture of vegetables, pineapple and tofu, served with boiled rice.


Mi Xao Veg

Vegetarian stir fried noodles with fresh red and green peppers, onions, carrots, mushroom, green bean, beansprouts & broccoli

Com Xao Veg


Stir fried egg rice with fresh vegetables of diced tofu, red and green peppers, carrots, mushroom, green beans & broccoli

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